Airtel Vodafone & Idea Discontinued Top Up & Rate cutters for Prepaid Customers

Airtel Vodafone & Idea Discontinued Top Up & Rate cutters for Prepaid Customers

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Indian telecom users every day I am going to face new rules and regulation from either Supreme Court or TRAI  order from service providers. The latest news coming from all the mobile retailers and mobile recharge apps like Paytm, Freecharge, phonepe. Existing prepaid users of Airtel Vodafone and Idea cannot recharge top up their mobile balance with amounts like rupees 20 50, 100 etc.

What Retailers are saying?

Local mobile retailers are saying that prepaid customers cannot top up their balance with a small amount like Rs 20, 50, 100 anymore. The service providers have discontinued all the recharge amounts. Users have to recharge with 1 month or 3 months plans like JIO Rs 399 or Rs 199 according to mobile service providers. The companies also stopped rate cutters for reducing the call rates. It is now clear that users have to recharge with 1-month plan to call for a 2 min conversation.

Retailers also said that if any prepaid subscriber will not recharge any amount for 90 days on any sim, the connection will be terminated.

What is with Online Recharge apps?

If you go and check browse plans of any of these service providers you will see Only Rs 10 and higher value of Rs 5000 is showing as top-up value. But there are no special rate cutters available.

If you enter any top-up value like Rs 20 / 100 in recharge the recharge will be failed or it will show the amount is invalid.


Why did this happen?

After Jio has come, all the mobile companies facing a difficult time. To overcome the loss they are now forcing customers to recharge with a big amount. After recharging every user will not use the internet or unlimited calls. So these companies will get a big profit from it. But with these change of recharge system how many profits will be there or how users will accept it, time will tell us.

What customer can do?

In one-word customers can’t do anything. Whatever companies applying new rules users have to follow because all the companies are copying each other. So any customers can’t do a port out to solve it. Though users can Recharge with Rs 10 at emergency, but it will not solve the customer harassment. In Jio also user cannot call using its talk time balance, users have to activate plans to call which starts at Rs 19 for one day.

If any special offers are showing in customers numbers like Rs 35 or any amount where a user can get talk time after recharge then User will get talk time balance but those balance will be special balance and the balance will be valid for 1 month depending upon offers.

Recently porn websites have been blocked by the Mobile service providers with the excuse of it will affect children brains.

So right now users giving money to mobile telecom companies and all the decisions what user will browse what users will recharge taking by companies. Day by day mobile users becoming helpless.

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