Nowadays many live sports streaming websites are only giving 10 minutes of live feed without a prime member. When you are watching any sports and after 10 minutes it is asking to active prime subscription which is around 1000 INR for a year. If I say you can watch unlimited sports without any subscription then how it will be?

How to bypass 10 minutes free live stream without prime membership

Go to and install the extension to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in your desktop.

You can create an account in session box or you can log in as a guest.

Then go to your favourite Live Sports streaming site & start watching the live feed of 10 minutes.

When it is about to end the 10 minutes, click on sessionbox icon and click on the plus icon of create a new temporary session.

When you do this it will create a new tab with new cookie & session ID. Previously watched session will not be fetched in this tab. It is a new identity like TOR Browser.

Why sessionbox?

You might be thinking that creating a private will do the same thing then why sessionbox?

Because of many online streaming sites does not allow you to watch you in private mode on browser due to saving the cookie and prevent you watching after 10 minutes.

This sessionbox extension will do the exact same thing but without a private/incognito mode.

In this way, you can watch unlimited streaming for free. You just have to create a temporary session after every 10 minutes. If you want to do this new session automatically, then install any bot like Macro Recorder.

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