Some developers prefer MySQL and some prefer Oracle DBMS. Oracle Database is far better than MySQL. But if you want to install the database on your personal computer then MySQL is best because it consumes very low memory. For this MySQL is very popular.

But in many projects, we have to use Oracle Database with Java. Then we have to Install Oracle Database in our personal Laptop. But if you use less RAM in your system then you will face problems in your windows PC. Also sometimes when we computer for other works like web surfing & gaming, Oracle Database instances still runs in the background and eats resources. In this post, I will share the process how you can disable Auto Start Oracle Database Instances in Windows PC.

Disable Automatic Start Up Oracle Database

First, go to Start Menu in Windows and open Oracle Instance Manager.


Then go to Oracle Service& click on Edit.

In the start Mode click on Manual & click OK.

It’s done. From now onwards Oracle Database will not start after every reboot. you have to go SQL Plus command line tool.

Then Log in with username SYS as SYSDBA.

Then run the following command for starting Oracle Database Service.


Run this command to stop the Oracle Database.

shutdown immediate;

If you want to Uninstall Oracle Database from your Windows System, Follow this post.



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