Fix BIOS Black Screen Problem in 2 minutes

Due to some misconfiguration in BIOS settings or after BIOS update, we may face BIOS Black Screen Problem in our computer. When this problem occurs no displays are shown on monitors. Here we talk How to Fix BIOS Black Screen Problem.

Why BIOS Black Screen Problem

When we change the Motherboard BIOS settings we may face this problem. Basically, if we change overclock settings of the RAM & processor which are not compatible with the hardware then BIOS Black Screen Problem will occur. If we enable BIOS default auto fallback on boot problem then if BIOS Black Screen Problem occurs, Motherboard will automatically change its settings to factory default setting. But most motherboard manufacturers make this auto fallback setting disabled by default.

fix bios black screen problem

Another time when we flash the BIOS or update the BIOS then we may encounter BIOS Black Screen Problem. Basically, after flashing the latest BIOS, it tries to restore old settings which sometimes become incompatible. Then we face no display on our computer screen.

How to Fix BIOS Black Screen Problem

There are two ways to solve the issue. Either go to service center or try to Hard Reset BIOS CMOS by yourself. Hard reset using Motherboard Jumper is little bit tricky. But I promise if you follow me, any non technical person also can do this.

Hard Reset BIOS using Jumper


Almost every latest series of desktop motherboards does have a pair of jumper pins named “JBAT1”. Here in the above photo, we can see the JBAT1 Jumper pins near the Battery & NVME SSD slots. Here the motherboard used model name is MSI B450M Pro VDH-MAX.

bios black screen

Using any pin or screw driver top just short those two jumper pins for 10 seconds. Then switch on computer & you will see BIOS will loads up with factory default settings. Remember do not try to do this when the computer is on or power in given to the motherboard. Do this after unplugging power sockets from the electric board.

Video Tutorial BIOS Black Screen Problem

Still no Display?

If you can’t find the JBAT1 pins on your board after doing the above method still BIOS Black Screen Problem persists, I must recommend you to visit the nearest service center without any further experiments. It may void the warranty for any physical damage or short circuits.

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