GCam for Nothing Phone 2 APK Download

Download the Best GCam for Nothing Phone 2 & take better photos than your nothing phone 2 stock camera app.

Nothing Phone 2 GCam port

Nothing Phone 2 comes with a powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor & 50 MP camera. The default stock camera app is very good to take photos & videos. But the algorithm used in the Google camera app for pixel devices is far better than any other mobile image processing algorithm. But the Google camera app is only available for Pixel devices. So the GCam for Nothing Phone 2 is being made by independent developers to make this GCam compatible with other Android devices.

Check Camera 2 API

To run the GCam mod app we must have camera 2 api enabled in our Nothing Phone 2. To verify this, download any free Camera 2 API checker app from the play store. If it is enabled on your phone, you should see the Hardware support level as Level 3 on the app screen.

nothing phone 2 camera 2 api

Enable Camera 2 API on Nothing Phone 2

If you do not see Level 3 enabled, you have to manually enable it.

To enable Camera 2 API, first, switch off your Nothing Phone 2.

Then press & hold the Volume down and power button until the phone vibrates. This will bring the mobile into fast boot mode.

Nothing Phone 2 fastboot mode

Now connect the mobile to your computer and run the following command.

fastboot oem enable_camera_hal3 true

Before running the command, make sure you have installed Android platform-tools on your computer.

After the command runs successfully, press the power button once, and it will restart the device to the normal lock screen.

GCam for Nothing Phone 2 Download

Now download the GCam Mod APK and XML Config file for Nothing Phone 2 from the links below & install it.

Allow Unknown Sources in Nothing Phone 2

By default, you can not install 3rd party apps. To enable it, go to Settings > App > Special app access > Install unknown apps.

Allow Unknown Sources in Nothing Phone 2

Then select the app from which you will open the APK file to install. For this case, we have downloaded it via Chrome browser. So you have to click Chrome & enable the toggle Allow from this source.

How to import XML config file in GCam

After you download the XML file from the above link, move it from the Download folder to the main root folder of internal storage.

Then you install the GCam APK on Nothing Phone 2 and open the Google Camera app. On the first open allow all the permission and it will launch the pixel mobile camera interface.

How to import xml config file in GCam

Tap & hold in the blank space right to the shutter button and one pop-up window will open.

From there select the downloaded XML file & click import. Then reopen the Google Camera app & you are done. Now you can use the GCam for Nothing Phone 2 to take more stunning photos on your favorite mobile.

Which GCam mod is best for Nothing Phone 2

GCam Mod version 8.7 & above will support your Nothing Phone 2 as it will have Android 13. Basically, any GCam mod which compatible with your Android version will work.

Is GCam better than stock?

In the GCam for Nothing Phone 2, human skin tone colors are processed better than in any stock camera app. Google image processing algorithm makes the image looks more natural without doing artificial over-saturation. In the portrait shots edge detection & AI depth effects are also better than the stock camera of Nothing Phone 2.

Does GCam improve quality?

In the Gcam, images are sharper & more detailed than the stock camera images. GCam mainly works better with the main camera sensor. Whereas stock camera works better with wide angle & telephoto lenses.

Is GCam port safe?

The Gcam ports which are from trusted developers are safe to use in Nothing Phone 2. But always better to scan the APK in the virus scanner before installation. You can use Virustotal online free tool for that.

Does GCam work without root?

There is no requirement for the rooted device in order to use GCam Port in Nothing Phone 2.

Which is better GCam or open camera?

The open camera is an open-source application that is available in Play Store. But GCam is a proprietary app of Google whose mod apk needs to be downloaded from 3rd party sites. GCam does produce more accurate & better images than Open camera. But for some lesser-known devices, a Google camera port may not be available. For them, Open camera is the alternative option to try if the stock camera is not able to provide a satisfactory result.

Can I use GCam without Camera2 API?

No, you can not use GCam for Nothing Phone 2 without Camera 2 API enabled.

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