Recently Oracle has introduced a new version of the database Oracle 18c. There are some major changes and new features have been introduced in this version. In this post, you will find the procedure to download and install Oracle 18c Database on a Windows computer & laptop running on the Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows  10.

If you have already any previous version of Oracle Database is installed, follow this post

How to Uninstall Oracle 12C Database from Windows Completely

How to Download Oracle 18c

First of all, we need to download Oracle Database 18c setup.   you need to have Oracle account to download the software.  Go to and create a free account. then click this link and accept terms and condition and click on the first link to download the file in zip format. Size will be around 4.4GB


After downloading just extract it with any Zip Extractor.

Then click on the setup.exe file and your Oracle database setup will begin to install on Wondows 7 or 8 or 10.

oracle 18c setup exe

How to install

In the installation wizard click the first option to create and configure instance database.

This option is very helpful for those who are installing this database for the first time in the system. If you have already any backup of the previous database then you can click the second option. The second option will face the previous database and use the latest software update so old data will be kept but new software will be installed.

Next option is very vital. If you choose the desktop class you can use your Oracle database via other software using the localhost and port number 1521. But the enterprise manager   EM Express web interface may not work.

So if you have more than 4GB ram you can choose server class and it is recommended to use full features of Oracle database of any version.

In the account setting, there are 3 account types virtual account existing Windows account create a new account or Windows built-in account.

If you choose virtual account insert database critical security operation you may not be asked any kind of password.  Existing Windows account credential will be used for the security authentication. Next option is for creating a Windows user. New user and password you have to enter to create another Windows user which will be asked on the login screen of Oracle  DBMS. Existing Windows user option and the last option built-in account is not recommended.

After selecting the account here can choose your path to install it. I am using DBMS folder inside C drive to install it can see all the setting details in the image below.

Fix Common Issue

If your RAM is less than the recommended specification you may face this error [INS 35179].

it is highly recommended to use at least 4 GB  in  Random Access Memory.

In the next screen just click on ignore all and click on next.

Just before installing all the setting whatever you have selected summary will be shown on the screen.


Click on install and start installing it may take around 1 hour depending upon your system.

Windows firewall make a security alert like this. Just Taken all network and allow access in order to avoid any network issue.

If you face net configuration assistant failed just click on Ok.

Then click retry and it will be fixed.

After successful installation just notes down the enterprise manager URL and close the window.

How to Open EM Express

Then just enter the URL whatever you noted down in the browser and you will see this kind of login screen of Oracle 18c.

Login with username sys as sysdba and the database password whatever you selected during installation.

That’s all installation is complete.  if you want to reduce the RAM allocation for Oracle 18c see this post.  If you want to disable auto-start Oracle with Windows OS follow this post.

Any problems related installation comment below.


  1. Hi, I currently have an oracle 11g installed in a Windows 7 64bit machine. Is it possible to install the Oracle 18c version without uninstalling the 11g version? Thanks

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