How to Turn Off Emergency Alerts on Android

Here we will discuss How to Turn Off Emergency Alerts on Android to disable emergency alerts on Android. Emergency alerts on Android mobile are used to send alerts of fire, weather, etc to the mobiles of a specific area.

What is Emergency Alerts

An emergency alert is a message in the form of text or voice sent via the local authority i.e. Government to aware people of a certain area about an emergency situation like bad weather, cyclone, someone missing, etc. When the alert reaches an Android mobile, it will produce a loud siren sound with vibration & show the message on the screen. This will not obey your mobile settings whether it is in Do not disturb mode or Silent mode. Even if your Android device is in silent mode it will ring a loud noise.

How Emergency Alerts on Android Works

Local authorities like Government send this alert to the specific area’s cell towers. From there all the mobile phones in the selected area start receiving messages. This communication is done via the mobile network. This type of alert receiving is absolutely free of cost. This type of alert is mainly in working conditions in US & UK.

How to Turn Off Emergency Alerts on Android

All Android mobiles come with Emergency alerts by default enabled. However, you can easily disable emergency alerts on Android.

Disable process may be different on different company mobile phones because of custom UI over the default Android interface, In this post I am sharing the process in stock Android UI of Android 13 which usually comes in Pixel devices.

First, go to the phone settings app and look for the option “Safety & emergency”.

How to Turn Off Emergency Alerts on Android

Then, in that option look for Earthquake alerts & wireless emergency alerts.

How to Turn Off Emergency Alerts on Android

Then disable all the alerts by toggling the main toggle button to disable state.

How to Turn Off Emergency Alerts on Android

What to do when you get the emergency alert on your phone

When you get any emergency alert of bad weather, be prepared to face the situation.

Can you turn off the emergency alert Android

Yes, you can turn off from safety & emergency settings of Android mobile.

Will emergency alerts go off on silent Android

Emergency alerts will not check your mobile if in silent or DND mode. It will always ring loudly & vibrate.

How to disable emergency government alerts on Android

Disable the emergency alert in your phone to disable Govt alerts.

How to turn off AMBER Alerts on Android phone

On Android phone, go to the Wireless emergency alert settings page. From there disable the AMBER alert toggle button.

Will you receive Emergency alert if your Mobile is off

You will not receive any wireless emergency alert if your Android device is switched off or in flight mode.

Can emergency alert track your mobile phone

Emergency alerts are broadcast-type in nature. Hence Govt authority can not track the mobile locations where emergency alerts are received.

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