About Us

What is Som Tips?

Som Tips is a Blog platform where technology related contents are posted. You will get contents on Arduino, Raspberry Pi Projects & Linux OS tips & tricks.

How it was started?

On February 2017, a YouTube Channel was started in the name of Som Tips. The channel main content was the review of small consumer electronics which big YouTube channels don’t do. Then more other tutorials on Linux, Microprocessors uploaded on the channel.
After a year I got the first Ad sense payout in my bank account. Then I thought let’s start a blog with this money. I bought hosting and domain from that money and started blogging from October 2018. When I started YouTube I have no money and also did not spend single money from my pocket on YouTube.

Why Som Tips?

In this website you will get contents on related on Website Hosting, Domain, Windows & Linux Servers, WordPress, Network, Internet development boards like ESP8266, NodeMCU, Raspberry Pi Arduino etc which will be very helpful for every beginner all over the World.

Who is behind it?

A student who is very keen to solve technical problems of computer runs this site. Whenever I fix any problem related to computers I share with people through posts and videos. Hope I will help many people on the Internet day by day.
As all we know nobody is 100% perfect, I am also. So I am also learning and if I have shared any wrong information, I am truly sorry for that.
That’s all about Som Tips.