Water Level Indicator with alarm using Arduino & Despacito Music

When the overhead tank is full extra water & electricity are wasted. By using this Water Level Indicator with alarm using Arduino we can overcome this problem. This water level indicator can be made easily at home using Arduino & old radio Speaker.

Water Level indicator with alarm

This simple project is a Water Level Indicator with an alarm using Arduino. The main motive of this project is to notify us by music in the Speaker when the tank is almost full so that extra water is not overflowed & electricity for the water pump is not wasted. When the water is not full Red (I used orange) led will glow in the DIY homemade Water Level indicator. As soon as the water is full, a green LED will glow & music in the speaker will start at high volume. Here we used a melody tone of Arduino & a popular Despacito song is used.

water level indicator with alarm using arduino

What we need to make Water Level indicator

  • Arduino UNO
  • Old Radio Speaker
  • 5V DC Power supply
  • Food Container 750 ml
  • Long wires from room to tank
  • aluminium plates 15cm x 2
  • BC547 Transistor x 2
  • Resistor 1k x 2
  • 220-ohm resistor
  • 0.1 uF
  • Green & red LED
  • 10K potentiometer
  • zero PCB board

You can also use Atmega328p IC to make your own arduino. If you do not have Arduino UNO board, you can buy from the link below.

PCB Solder for Water Level Indicator with alarm using Arduino

First of all we have to take one small piece of zero PCB & solder all the components according to the circuit diagram. After soldering it will look like this.

PCB Solder for Water Level Indicator with alarm using Arduino

Circuit Board Analysis Water Level indicator

Here I used 2 BC547 transistors in parallel to reduce heating on a transistor. When the speaker will play alarm at full volume, the current will flow at high ampere. If we use 2 transistors, then-current will divide into two BC547.
From this small PCB board, we will solder jumper wire which will be inserted in the Arduino board. If you make this project using ATMEGA328P, then you can solder everything in one board.

Also we have connected one 10K pot to control speaker output volume. It is recommended to keep it at full volume so that we can hear from long distance.

We have used an old Nikia mobile charger in this project as 5V supply.

Water Level Indicator Circuit Diagram with alarm

You can easily follow this circuit diagram to make your own DIY Water Level Indicator with alarm using Arduino.

water level indicator circuit diagram with alarm

Build & setup of Water Level Indicator with alarm

Here we used plastic food container which restaurants used for online food delivery. After setting up all the connection it will be like this photo below.

DIY Water level alarm

Video Tutorial of Water Level Indicator

Arduino Code Analysis of Water Level Indicator

In the Arduino code below inside bootTone Function, we used small 4-5 seconds starting tone when the device starts. Then in the fullTone function, we play 80 seconds long Melody of Despacito song.

When tank water is full one status flag is set at 1 to prevent the music playing at infinity. When the water level is low then it set to 0.

We have used Arduino analogue pin read value to detect water is full or not. Here we checked when analogue pin read value above 300, the water is full. This value may be different in your case. So check it yourself before final code upload.

Arduino Source code of Water Level Indicator with alarm

Final Output of Water Level Indicator with alarm using Arduino

The final product will look like this.

DIY water level indicator

Connect it to an overhead water tank

At last, we have to connect it with an overhead water tank with long wires. You can use Aluminum or copper plate or wire inside the water tank for good conductivity.

overhead tank connection

Conclusion of the project

This is a very simple project you can try at home if you are Arduino lover. Wiring & code is very simple. The alarm is used here of 80 seconds. If you want to reduce alarm duration, you can use any other melody by searching the Internet.

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