Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino Project costs just $10

Buggy Cam is a device that looks like a small toy car where a camera is mounted to take photos & videos. In this post, I will share How did I make my own homemade Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino DIY for just $10. You can also say it ” WiFi Controlled Moving CCTV Camera”.

Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino Project costs Just $10

What is Buggy Cam

Buggy cam is a remote-controlled car where a powerful camera is mounted to take photos & videos. Buggy cam is widely used in cricket matches where the small camera car is in the boundary line & moves towards the cricket call when it reaches the boundary line.

buggy cam is cricket matches

This Buggy Cam is also used in wildlife photography to take animal close shots where any human can reach like a close to tiger or lion.

Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino DIY

When I watched this camera in a cricket match, it made me curious to make my own Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino DIY. So I took some cheap hardware from my home store room & took my Wemos D1 (ESP8266) to make this project happen.

Hardware Required

The following components are required to make Buggy Cam which costs me approx $10.
All the products I bought from the local offline shops. This costs cheap. If you wish to buy online links are given, but the price will be high.

How to make Buggy Cam at home

Attach wheels

First, attach 4 wheels in the plywood board. In the front caster wheels will be and in back Bo motor.

Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino DIY

Electronics Components case

In the plastic small box, I have separated sectors for battery Wemos D1 and other circuits. I used some metal sheets & hot glue to make sectors.

Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino DIY

Connect Circuits

Connect all the components according to the circuit diagram given below.

Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino DIY

After Connecting all the Components final Buggy Cam will be looks like this.

Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino DIY

So Now just we have to connect any old Android Mobile and it is done.

Circuit Diagram for Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino

Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino DIY

Web UI Design for Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino

To Control Buggy Cam we have to design an HTML web page. Below the source code given. If you wish to change anything you can. This web UI is designed in such a way it will support android Mobile & desktop both.

HTML Page to String for Arduino

To convert any HTML page content to a single String for the Arduino IDE, just go to the following link and & convert.

HTML Page to String Arduino

Static IP Settings for Buggy Cam

To use this Buggy Cam in an efficient way, we have to make the device IP Static. To make any Android device IP static, we have to go to advanced settings during Wi-Fi Connect.

To make ESP8266 based Board IP static, we can do it inside Arduino code or from the Wi-Fi Router admin panel. Here I have set the Static IP from my Router settings under DHCP.

tp link router dhcp static IP

If you wish to change the IP or connect with Mobile Hotspot, you can. Then you have to change the IP address in all the HTML & Arduino code. The IP will start 192.168.43.X for Mobile Hotspot.

Have a look at this post where I said about how to configure static IP in ESP8266 Arduino Code.

IP Address for the ESP8266 & Mobile

ESP8266 IP:
Mobile Cam IP:
Router IP(Gateway):

Install IP WebCam

We have to install IP WebCam App from the play store to use our android mobile as Buggy Cam. You can use the free version. But I used the Pro Version from Google. You know what I mean. 🙂

Set HTTP Port

By default, the IP WebCam app uses port no 8080 for streaming. But I customized Port no 2222 for this project. After all the settings have done start the Camera server and mount it in the car mobile mount socket.

Arduino Code for Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino

Project Outcome of Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino

Watch this video to see how did I made this Buggy Cam ESP8266 Arduino DIY & how it is working in real life.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, this is a very good way to replicate Orginal Buggy Cam by an IoT project in just &10. You can make this in your final year college project. In the project, use the original Robot car chassis & Arduino Camera for a better look.

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