Here we will setup Temperature Sensor LM35 with Arduino in Easy Steps
We all use weather applications to know the current temperature. This requires the Internet. So if I say you can know your area temperature without the Internet, how it will be?

In this post, I will share how to get local area temperature using LM35 Temperature Sensor with Arduino UNO Board.

LM35 Temperature Sensor with ESP8266 NodeMCU

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What is LM35 Temperature Sensor?

LM35 is an integrated analogue temperature sensor whose electrical output is proportional to Degree Centigrade. LM35 Sensor does not require any external calibration or trimming to provide typical accuracies.

LM35 Temperature  Sensor with Arduino UNO

It has 3 pins – two pins are 5V and Ground. The middle pin is Voltage out. We use the reading of this pin to determine the temperature using some arithmetic calculation.
Because of this is a single sensor, it does not give accurate temperature. If you want accurate temperature, you can you DHT22 Sensor.

Connect LM35 with Arduino

Following Connection Diagram you can see how to connect LM35 with Arduino UNO.

LM35 Temperature  Sensor with Arduino UNO
LM35 Temperature  Sensor with Arduino UNO

Code Explain for LM35 with Arduino

We are here using 5V pin as we want 5 Volt input. SO we have calculated temperature by taking 5 Volt input to LM35.

After calculating we are displaying the temperature in serial monitor in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Arduino Sketch of LM35 with Arduino


const int sensor=A0; // Assigning analog pin A0 to variable 'sensor'
float tempc;  //variable to store temperature in degree Celsius
float tempf;  //variable to store temperature in Fahreinheit 
float vout;  //temporary variable to hold sensor reading
void setup()
void loop() 
tempc=vout; // Storing value in Degree Celsius
tempf=(vout*1.8)+32; // Converting to Fahrenheit 
Serial.print("in DegreeC=");
Serial.print("in Fahrenheit=");

Output LM35 with Arduino

So here you can see the temperature is showing in the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE.

LM35 Temperature  Sensor with Arduino UNO