How to Disable Absolute Volume On Android Bluetooth

Sometimes due for some reason, users want to Disable Absolute Volume On Android Bluetooth. Absolute Bluetooth Volume on Android allows users to control Bluetooth device & phone’s volume synchronously.

What is Absolute Volume On Android Bluetooth

In the Android device when we connect Bluetooth speakers or earbuds, then by default volume button of the mobile also controls the volume of the wireless devices. This is very useful for most users as they do not require to control the volume of the Bluetooth device separately. Sometimes the earbuds do not have volume control. In this case, controlling volume from mobile volume buttons is the only way to control volume. So by default android devices comes with Bluetooth Absolute Volume enabled.

Why Low Bluetooth Volume on Android

Sometimes due to Absolute Volume on Android, users face Low Bluetooth Volume on Android. Some Bluetooth speakers have volume steps up to 30. But Android volume control has only 15 steps. In this case, Bluetooth Absolute Volume can only increase Bluetooth device volume up to 15. For this reason, users face Low Bluetooth Volume.

How to Disable Absolute Volume On Android

To How to Disable Absolute Volume On Android users need to enable the developer option first because Absolute Volume settings don’t come inside the normal settings app.

First, go to Settings > about device and tap 7 times quickly on the build number. Then it will enable developer options settings on your phone.

enable developer mode on android 13

Now go back to the main settings page and click System.

How to Disable Absolute Volume On Android

Now click on Developer options.

How to Disable Absolute Volume On Android

Now scroll down a little bit & find Disable absolute volume. Then enable that toggle. Then turn off your Bluetooth & again enable it & connect to devices like speakers.

How to Disable Absolute Volume On Android

Now you will notice mobile phone volume & device volume can be controlled separately. For best sound output, first manually set the highest volume in the speaker. Then connect to the mobile. Now you can increase & decrease the volume of phone output. You will notice that the maximum volume is increased than previously as the speaker volume is at 30 level maximum.

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