How to Disable Ads in Funtouch OS | Remove Bloatware from iQOO VIVO

This is the tutorial of how to disable Ads in Funtouch OS & Remove Bloatware from iQOO VIVO Mobiles. Recently I have used Iqoo Neo 7 pro mobile which Comes with Funtouch OS 13 & I have notices lots of bloatwares. Some of them you can easily uninstall, some of them you can not.

Does Funtouch OS have ads?

Funtouch is a custom UI made over Android OS, generally comes with Vivo & Iqoo devices. For being a custom UI, Funtouch OS have lots of customization. But this Android custom UI also comes with bloatware & ads.

Most of the 3rd party apps like Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, Snapchat, Spotify, etc. you can uninstall right away after device setup. But the apps like iqoo/ vivo website, imanager, etc. you can not uninstall or disable. For that, we have to use some tricks.

When you are setting up the device after factory reset, make sure you have disabled all the recommendation services.

Remove Bloatware from iQOO VIVO

How to Remove Hot Games and Hot Apps from your iQOO and Vivo

If you do not want to get notification from iqoo/vivo app store, you can disable hot apps/games from app drawer. To do that, tap & hold on the home screen. Then click on the home settings, and toggle the hot apps & games option to disable it. This will help to Disable Ads in Funtouch OS.

Funtouch OS 13 Bloatware list

There are 2 types of bloatware in any android device. One type you can uninstall or disable. And another type is you can not uninstall or disable easily from your device. For these apps, you need a computer to remove them via command line. In the following bloatware list I am not going to add the uninstallable apps like Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, etc. You can uninstall them easily from app drawer. In the list I have also added some google apps like google voice assistant because this will use the mic always & listen everything. This maybe a privacy issue for some people.

Package NameApp Name
com.facebook.systemFacebook Apps Browser Browser cloud share feedback Games Poster share Tips
com.iqoo.websiteIqoo Website
com.bbk.cloudVivo cloud assistant Pay engine selector search bar Google detect Google detect
Funtouch OS Bloatware

How to Disable Ads in Funtouch OS

To remove bloatware from iQOO VIVO mobiles & Disable Ads in Funtouch OS, you need to install ADB drivers & ADB command line tools. Here in this tutorial, I am going to use Linux OS (Debian based). So I do not need to install the driver. If you are using Windows OS, You may need to install ADB Driver.

To install ADB command line tool in Debian based Linux OS like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, MX Linux, etc. run the following command.

For windows, Download & install Android Platform Tools.

Enable USB Debugging in iQOO VIVO

First, to enable Developer option, go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information.

Then Tap 7 times on the Build no & enter password to enable developer option.

Then Go to Settings > System > Developer Options.

Now enable USB Debugging toggle & click ok.

Now connect mobile with computer via USB cable. After connect, run adb devices to check the device serial no is showing in the terminal or not. During this command, one authorize pop up will come in the android device. You have to allow this.

iQOO VIVO Bloatware Remove Commands

To disable or uninstall any apps, we have to run commands with the package name, not with the application name. You have to put the package name from the above list of bloatware. Additionally, if you want to uninstall an application, but you do not know the package name, then you can install Package Name viewer app from play store.

Then run ADB shell to go inside android terminal to execute the following commands. Remember, you have to run the following commands from inside ADB shell, not from the desktop terminal shell.

Uninstall Command

Reinstall Command

Disable Command

Enable Command

Remove Protected App

There are 3 applications: Imanager, Vivo/iQoo website & Vivo cloud which are restricted from uninstalling by the Funtouch OS 13. You will this error:


For them there are separate command. This command will be different based on Funtouch OS version.

For Funtouch OS 12 run this command with replacing the package name.

For Funtouch OS 13 run this command with replacing the package name.

For the Latest Funtouch OS 13 based devices like Iqoo Neo 7 Pro 5G, there are 3 applications which are protected. You have to use the above command to remove them. Here below 3 application package name are given for ease of use.


Funtouch OS 13 Debloater Command

There are almost 22 apps in the Funtouch OS 13 which you can uninstall via ADB command or Android Debloater only. After removing these apps only, you can Disable Ads in Funtouch OS. For saving your time, I have combined all the commands in a single line command so that you can run by single click. Here I have also added Google Assistant & Google search bar. If you want, you can modify the command to remove them.

Make sure to run the command from desktop terminal only, not from inside ADB shell. Select the full line of code (up to end of quote “), and paste in terminal.

Funtouch OS 13 Debloater Command

Android Debloater GUI

If you are not comfortable with the terminal use, you can use this Universal Android Debloater tool, which is available cross-platform. You can easily install, uninstall, enable, disable any system app easily, But remember, in this tool you can’t uninstall the protected applications mentioned earlier in this post.

iQOO VIVO Bloatware Remove

Clean Funtouch OS

How to Disable Ads in Funtouch OS | Remove Bloatware from iQOO VIVO

Here in the above screenshot of app drawer you can see all the junk apps & bloatware are removed. And the mobile looks very clean & distraction free.

Tutorial Video


Remember, in this method, application will be uninstalled or disabled for the default user/current user. If you create a new user/guest user in the android device, then this app will come again. Then you have to uninstall for them too by specifying their user ID. By default, the first user’s ID will be “0” which is the user created by default after device setup.

Also remember after factory reset again this bloatware will come back again. You have to run those commands again to uninstall. But if any OTA update comes & you install, then your bloatware will not be installed unless any new bloatware app is pushed by Vivo via OTA update.

Always uninstall apps carefully. If you uninstall any important system apps, then your device might go into boot loop and data maybe lost. So always take backup before doing this.

To recover from brick state or boot loop, you have to go to the Android recovery mode & from there have to factory reset the device.

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