DIY 12V Router UPS using power bank Circuit Diagram

How to make DIY 12V Router UPS using power bank with circuit diagram. DIY homemade UPS for WiFI Router using Power bank.


Why we need UPS for WiFi Router

We can’t live a single moment without the Internet now. When there is a power outage in our locality out home WiFi router gets powered off. To use the Internet then we need to give power to the router. Either we have to have an inverter in our home or have to use a 12V battery for it. Both are cost-effective.

12V Router UPS using power bank

12V Router UPS using power bank

We all have 5V power bank to charge mobile phones. We can easily make an UPS for our WiFi router from power bank. To make this we need some basic electronics components.

What we need

  • Plastic container
  • wires
  • DC female & male power jack
  • USB male type A jack
  • XL6009 DC step up module
  • 2 diodes
  • 12V Relay
  • zero pcb board

12V Router UPS using power bank Circuit Diagram

Just solder all the components do the connection as shown in the circuit diagram below.

12V Router UPS using power bank Circuit Diagram

Video Tutorial

In this way, you can make UPS for your WiFi router very easily. Only one problem you may face. When a power cut occurs, the router will reboot once because of slow switching of the relay & power bank takes half a second to power up. Still, it is better to wait 2-3 minutes for Internet rather than 1-2 hour no Internet.

Power backup time

Back up time of the UPS depends on the battery mAh of the power bank. General 10000 mAh power bank will give you 3-4 hours of power backup very easily.

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