Get 100% Free Hosting & Domain Without Card Verification

Issues with Free Hosting & Domain

Every new web developer always searches for free Hosting and Domain to learn website building. There are many hosting & domain providers who provide it for free.  But there are always some issues. Sometimes we have to buy hosting to get a free domain, sometimes hosting providers shows the logo of their company in our websites, sometimes they only provide sub-domain, sometimes we have to verify our credit card, storage limit, bandwidth limit and also restricted access in C panel.

In this post, I will share a process to get 100% Free Domain & hosting without any card verification & will be without all the mentioned problems above.

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How to Get a Free Domain

Yes, of course, you can get a free domain without spending a single penny. But you can not get a top-level domain at free of cost. For a new web admin, top-level domain is not a requirement.

First, go to and type the required domain name without any .com / in etc.

Then select any one of the free available domains. Do not select the .tk domain. Many hosting providers take it as spam.

Next Select 12 Months @ FREE in the period. 1 year is more than enough to learn about Website.

Now enter your email id to receive verification link.

Always use the popular email address like Gmail, Outlook etc.

The email link will be valid for 24 Hours.

After you click the link a Registration form will open. Fill all the details like Name address Phone number Zip Code etc.

After submitting Details you can go into the client area.

Here you can see your recently registered domain name will show with a date to expire.

How to Get a Free Hosting

At the beginning of this post, I have said some common issues with free hosting. But the website which I am going to share now is completely free of those issues. Only one thing is that you can see google ads in its C panel area. This is good.

So, let’s go to & Click Sign Up.

Infinityfree provides us Unlimited disk space with unlimited bandwidth with 10 C panel Email ID and 400 MySQL databases.

After email id verification you can see this Add account Green button.

You can host 3 Websites with a single infinity free account.

In the own domain type your domain name which you have registered previously in freenom.

Enter the mentioned name servers in your freenom settings.

How to Link Domain with Hosting

In the management tools area of your freenom client area, select custom name servers.

Enter the following name servers

Changing name servers may take up to 24 hours.

How to check domain info online?

Go to and enter your domain name. You will see domain registration information & name servers.

After adding your website to hosting account a username and password will be auto-generated. Which you can change later.

Now you can open your website URL. You will see a default webpage provided by Hosting Provider.

You can uploads your files via FTP or Cpanel File manager to your server.

Now if you ping your domain name from the command prompt you will see the IP address of the shared Linux server where the website is hosted.

In this way, you can use free domain and hosting for learning a lot of thing in the world of internet.


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