RailWire WiFi Limit Bypass | Remove 30 Minutes High-Speed FUP Unlimited

Tutorial for RailWire WiFi Limit Bypass, Remove 30 Minutes High-Speed FUP.
More than 400 Rail stations in India are now WiFi enabled. WiFi is maintained by RailWire & Google. The most important thing about this WiFi is they are absolutely free. All you need a smartphone or a laptop to access free Unlimited WiFi.

RailWire WiFi Limit

RailWire WiFi Limit

But there is a limitation. RailWire WiFi Limit. After you connect with OTP sent to your mobile number, for the first 30 minutes you will get High-Speed Data at a speed of 32 Mbps. But after 30 minutes it is over you will get the Internet only at 1 Mbps but Unlimited. You are thinking that just doing disable wifi and again reconnect to WiFi will get another 30 minutes. Sorry, that will not work because they will save your device details on their server.

In this post, I will share a simple trick to bypass this 30 min speed limit quota for a particular device. If you follow this trick you will get unlimited data at high speed at Google RailWire WiFi.

RailWire WiFi Limit

How Remove 30 Minutes High-Speed FUP

1 Mobile, 2 SIM Cards & a Laptop.

How to bypass RailWire WiFi Limit

First Connect to any RailWire WiFi from your Laptop & Sign In using your Mobile no and OTP.

Here I will Use Any Linux OS for this trick. New Linux Users are recommended to use Ubuntu or Linux Mint OS.

After Connecting to WiFi open Any browser in Private / Incognito Mode then go to any website and you will be redirected to the Login Page of RailWire. Then enter your mobile no & log in with OTP.

RailWire WiFi Limit

After you Log in, you see that there is 30 minutes timer started for high-speed wifi. So use WiFi for the next 30 minutes. RailWire WiFi Limit

After the 30 minutes is over you will notice the slow speed. Then disable the Wifi in your Laptop.

Now go to Network settings of your Laptop.

RailWire WiFi Limit

Select the Settings icon on your WiFi Network & go to Identity Tab.

RailWire WiFi Limit

Now you will see MAC address & Cloned address.

Spoof MAC for RailWire WiFi Limit

Just copy the MAC address of your system and paste it on the Cloned address field.

Now just change any single Character and save. In my case, I have changed the last two bits. After saving again connect WiFi & go to a new private tab. This time you will use the 2nd SIM card number as login details.

Now you will get again 30 minutes for high-speed data.

So the logic is very simple. After every 30 minutes, you have to change your MAC address. Enter 2 sim card numbers alternative way i.e. for the first 30 minutes use sim card 1 and for the second slot use sim card 2. For the third slot again use sim card 1.

RailWire WiFi Limit Bypass Unlimited

You can use this trick unlimited times till RailWire fix it. Presently 5 Devices MAC can be logged in using single Mobile No.

This trick works perfectly in any Linux OS. If you want to use in Windows OS, Use Technitium MAC Address Changer software in your laptop & login as Admin.

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