How to Hide LiteSpeed from HTTP Header using Cloudflare

Litespeed server exposes the server details with X-Turbo-Charged-By in HTTP headers. We will see how to hide LiteSpeed from HTTP header using Cloudflare. The process will be the same for the removal of the PHP version from the X-Powered-By header.

What is X-Turbo-Charged-By

X-Turbo-Charged-By is an HTTP header generally send in the response header from the LiteSpeed server. This is enabled by default & you can’t change it in the free version & shared server. This response header exposes the server type to the visitors. Sometimes in WordPress sites, if LiteSpeed Cache is used, it also exposes the plugin details. From the security point of view, it is never good.


In the above screenshot, you can see, the hosting server company name is also exposed.

How to Remove HTTP Headers using Cloudflare

By using Cloudflare proxy with our website, we can easily remove any HTTP request/response headers for free. Even we can modify or add new headers if we need.

Go to the Transform Rules from the Rules sub-menu in the left tab of the Cloudflare panel. Then create transform rule & select modify response header.

How to Remove HTTP Headers using Cloudflare

Now select All incoming requests and add the header name one by one from the developer option in the browser. And select remove as action from the dropdown option.

Here are the most common LiteSpeed HTTP headers for WordPress websites which expose server configuration & plugin details.

  • platform
  • x-litespeed-cache
  • x-litespeed-cache-control
  • x-litespeed-tag
  • x-turbo-charged-by
LiteSpeed HTTP headers for WordPress websites

After everything is set up, click deploy. All the HTTP headers from now onwards will be removed.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial how to hide LiteSpeed from HTTP Header using Cloudflare.

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