How to Reduce RAM usage in Oracle Database

Many users at home install Oracle database in their desktop & laptop. In the personal computer, there are also others apps and games are used. So if Oracle Database Instance takes more RAM then it will be a big problem. Most of the users who have RAM of 4 GB often faces a low memory problem in their desktop. In this post, I will share the process to reduce main memory uses for Oracle Database instances. Here I will use Oracle Database 18C and Windows 7 OS.

Reduce RAM usage in Oracle Database 18C

First shutdown running database instances on your computer. Login in SQL Plus using SYS as SYSDBA and run the following command.

How to Reduce RAM usage in Oracle Database

Now we have to set maximum Memory can be used by the Oracle Database. Remember minimum memory which needs to run Oracle is 472 MB. There is two variable in Oracle DBMS, one is the minimum memory and another is the maximum memory. So what tricks we will apply we will set minimum memory and maximum memory equal and which is more than the 472MB. So by running the following commands, we will set it to 475MB.

How to Reduce RAM usage in Oracle Database

After it is done just start the Oracle database again by the following commands.

How to Reduce RAM usage in Oracle DatabaseThen if you login in Oracle EM expresses & go to memory then you will see that the value is changed to your updated value.

How to Reduce RAM usage in Oracle DatabaseBy default, this value is set to more than 742 MB. Now if you go to task manager in windows and check the RAM usage you will notice more RAM is free than previous.


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