Recently Oracle has introduced a new version of the database Oracle 18c. When the new version rolls out people want to uninstall the old version and install the new one. Here in this tutorial, I will say the procedure how to Completely Uninstall Or Remove Oracle 12c Database from your Windows computer. In this post I will use Windows 7 OS, this method will be the same for all other Windows versions later Windows 7.

If you did not installed any Oracle Database previously, see this post

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How to Uninstall

First, Make sure you are logged in as Administrator.


Go to SQL Plus and run the following Command to Stop Database Instances.

shutdown immediate;

Then right click on My computer and go to Properties & click on Advanced System Settings.


Go to Environment Variables

Remove those paths only which are linked to the folder where Database was Installed.

Then go to Run & type “regedit”.

Then go to the Following Registry Path & Delete Oracle Folder.



Then go to Following Registry Path & Delete everything which starts with “Oracle”


Then Go to C:\Program Files & delete Oracle Folder.

Also, Delete the Database Installation Path / Folder. In this case App Folder under C drive.

Now Go to Services From Start Menu

Stop All the Services which Name Starts with “Oracle”

Now go to Search Menu and search “%temp%” &  Delete All temp Menu items

Now Finally Restart your Computer

Now your Computer is Oracle Database free 🙂

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