8 Big Problems with Google search – Look for Google alternatives

Google search made our life very easy. But it is getting more problems day by day. Here I will say the top 8 Problems with Google search & why you should look for Google alternatives.

Most of the Mobile users have Android OS in their mobile due to low cost. Android mobiles come with Google Chrome browser installed. In Chrome the Google search engine is set as default. That is why most people do not know there are any other search engines even exists. Another thing is that if you install Google Chrome or Firefox browser on a computer, there is also Google search engine set as default. Because Google was the 1st search engine in the world, and most of the users use it, those browsers come with the default Google search engine.


As day by day Google’s monopoly increasing, more problems with Google search engine now. Lets talk about the top 8 Problems with Google search & why you should look for Google alternatives.

1. DMCA Removed Content

If you search any latest movie download links in Google, you will get rarely any working download links of latest movies & web series. This is because of Google actively removes pirated links from its search index with the help of AI bot & human.

Problems with Google search

Here you can see if we search for any latest movie download on Google, in the bottom of the page we get a notice like this- “In response to a complaint that we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed results from this page“.

Basically, what happens, movie producers hire agencies for giving copyright complaint against those websites that upload those contents on the Internet. As soon as Google gets a complaint, they remove those links from search results instantly with the help of AI bots. This technique not only used for movie companies but also widely used by premium software companies, music companies, video games companies etc.

lumen database google

If you click on the complaint link, this kind of Lumen Database page will open where the details about copyright complaint are written. There you can find who or which company did file the copyright case, their address & the website links where their movies of software’s pirated copies are uploaded.

So if you a free movie, software finder like me, say good bye to Google now.

2. Censorship of Content

As a big tech company, Google has offices in multiple countries. And for that Google have to follow the laws of respective countries. Sometimes many anti-democratic Govt want to suppress common people voice. For that Govt pressurize Google to remove some news article links from Google which are against them. Then if Google or any tech companies do not follow those instructions, Govt sends makes fake legal cases against them. For saving legal issues Google removes those links from search results. This is also one of the Problems with Google search.

So, if you believe in freedom of speech, forget Google search.

Google search results consist of ads at top of the page. Many spammers misuse this google ad. In recent days it has increased as Google does not monitor the quality of the ad regularly. Recently spammers have given ads of fake customer care numbers of swiggy food delivery app in India. Then people got trapped & called those fake numbers & spammers looted lots of money in the name of refund.

google ads spam

So, if you still use Google search be very careful.

4. Privacy & user Tracking

User Privacy & tracking is some of the important Problems with Google search. Google does not respect user’s privacy. They track your every single activity on Internet- what you are searching for, what you are eating, where you are going.. everything. By selling your private information they earn money from advertisers. Then also track your IP locations to show relative contents across all network devices even you are not logged in.

So, if you are privacy concerned person, stop using Google right now.

5. Regional Search result

When we search anything on Google, it gives result based on your geolocation which they determine from IP address. Sometimes it is good for finding any nearby shops, hotel, restaurants etc. But sometimes it gives us low-quality search results. For example, if you are searching for any technical things from India, Google will prioritize contents that originated from India like showing Hindi video results, showing those website links which are registered from an Indian location. But in reality, maybe UK or USA originated contents are better than these contents, but Google will show at the bottom of the search result just because of your location. This is one of the Problems with Google search.

So if you search lots of global contents, do not use Google search anymore.

6. Captcha Verification

Nowadays Government & ISP are always tracking your Online activity. To save yourself from being tracked we have to use VPN or TOR network. This will make you anonymous on the Internet and as well as ISP will not log your Internet activity.

But if you open Google search from a VPN or Tor network, Google will ask you to solve a captcha before showing search result. This is very disgusting & will cost time. And still, after you use VPN, Google continue to track you via browser fingerprint.

So, if you use VPN & proxy, look for Google alternatives.

7. Google product promotion

Google has lots of its own products like YouTube, Maps, Gmail, etc. So if you search for anything video contents, Google always shows YouTube video results at the top of the list. There are lots of video platforms but Google only prioritizes its own platform YouTube. The same problem also with a location search. Always shows Google map results. Never shows Bing map or open street map in their results. This is one of the bad effects of monopoly.

So, if you hate monopoly, stay away from Google search.

8. Filtered Adult Contents

We know in the early days, the Internet got popular due to adult contents. This is the truth & nobody can deny this. Watching an adult video is not illegal also. But recent days Google filters lots of adult contents from its search results. To see them you have to manually deactivate the nude content filter in the settings. This is one of the Big Problems with Google search.

So, if you are a naughty Internet user, Google is not for you.

8 Big Problems with Google search

Look for Google alternatives

Those were 8 Problems with Google search & you should look for Google alternatives. You can go with DuckDuckGo which is a privacy-focused search engine. Alternatively, you can also go with Bing search. Let us unite together to destroy the monopoly.

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