Top 25 Telegram Bot List | Free Telegram Bot 2020

Telegram bots are one of the reasons why telegram become popular. In this post, I will share the top 25 telegram bot list, which will be helpful in our daily life best Free Telegram Bot 2020.

What is telegram bot?

Telegram is an open-source messaging app. It has lots of features that other messaging apps do not have. A telegram bot is a programmed software which can perform certain tasks to fulfill your need. Telegram bots are written in Python language. These bots can perform various tasks like the file download, stylish text, remote file upload & many more.

Top 25 Telegram Bot List Free Telegram Bot 2020

Why Telegram Bot is free?

Because of the telegram has a free open API, many developers all around the world make their own telegram bots. These developers mainly doing it as a hobby. These bots are mainly hosted in free servers like Heroku. But there are some paid bots in telegram. But here I will only talk about best free telegram bots.

Official vs Non Official Telegram Bot

In this post, I will say some bots as official and some as not official. You might be thinking why are there differences? Well, the answer is very simple. Official bots are created by the official Telegram developer team. These bots will also have a blue tick verification icon.
But other bots are created by independent developers. All those bots are mainly hosted in free servers or funded by a donation of kind people on the earth.

What is inline Telegram bot?

When you hear any bot is specified by the inline bot, then must have a special feature. You can use the bot functionality inside anyone chat. Just you have to start typing messages by @botUsername.

Top 25 Telegram Bot List Free

Here is the top 25 Awesome Best Free Telegram bot list. To Open any bot, just click the @username button. It will open in your Telegram app. If you have not app installed, click the Download link below to download telegram app. Telegram is supported in Windows, Linux, Mac PC, Android & iOS.
Many bad Internet service provider (ISP) in India Like Jio, blocked Telegram website without any proper reason. For that, you must use any free VPN extension in your browser to download the Telegram app.

URL shortener or link shortener is a very good Internet tool where you can shorten your long weblink into a small link. This link shortener is useful to give link via SMS, WhatsApp & youtube video description. This @LinkGeneratorBot can give you a short link generated from bitly & TinyURL for free without log in their website.


Telegram does allow to upload files up to 1.5 GB. For this reason, many movies and other big files are uploaded in telegram server. But you can only download those files using telegram application. Because these files do not have any web links. But @TGfilestolinkbot & @GetPublicLinkBotcan bots can help you to generate public links of telegram files. After that, you can download any files using any download manager application like IDM.

@TGfilestolinkbot @GetPublicLinkBotcan

URL File Upload

If you run any telegram channel which gives movie download then @UptoTGbot & @url_uploadbot bots are going to help you a lot. Using this bots you can upload any files remotely to the telegram. You just need to provide the file download link to this bot and this bot will download the file from the links and upload to telegram file server. This bot will also upload video files as streamable. You can also remotely upload Youtube videos to telegram. On this case you just have to give youtube video URL to this bot & this bot will work as Youtube Video Downloader.

@UptoTGbot @url_uploadbot

Play Games with friends

If you want to play games with your telegram friends online, then @gamee bot will not disappoint you. This bot is an official bot from Telegram. Using this bot you can play strategic & puzzle games with friends like Facebook game.


Speech to Text Converter

You may have used google voice keyboard in mobile. This bot is also the same. This @voicybot listen to your audio file and fetch the texts from audio and sends you the extracted text. This bot will only work in the English language.


Like DIslike Reaction Button

If you are a telegram group or channel owner, then @like telegram official bot will be very useful for you. This bot will help you to create like, dislike, love react button after your message. So, people can react to your message and you can see like vs dislike counter. This will help you to understand what your audience will love.


Vote Feedback anonymous Poll

This is another official telegram bot will help you to know your audience feedback. Using @vote bot you can question with multiple answers. So that people can click answers & you can know how many people voted for that option. Again this bot will be helpful for channel & group admins of telegram.


Stylish Font Stylish Text Generator

If you want to keep fancy text in your profile name or group name, then @TextagramBot & @TextMagicBot will be very helpful to you. These bots will generate fancy text with Stylish Font Stylish Text.


Image to Text Converter OCR

If you want to extract text from images & PDF then this optical character reader (OCR) bot will help you to get texts from any document images. @image_to_text_bot will convert image to text like any premium PDF editor apps do.


MP3 Music Download

There are lots of online music player apps like Google Play Music, Gaana, Spotify, amazon prime music, etc. But none of them allow you to download music as an mp3 file. This is because they want to stop piracy & people buy their subscription. But @Song_downloaderbot bot will allow you to download the original high-quality mp3 file up to 320 kbps of any songs. You only have to send the album or song name to this bot & the bot sends you the original filename from Saavan server for free. So there will be no subscription & do not have to face disgusting ads.


Instagram Video & Photo Downloader

Instagram is one of the popular social media platform. But you can not download IGTV video directly from the Instagram app. This @Regrambot will help you to download any videos of Instagram. Even it will show you to select Low/high video quality before download. Another cool feature of this bot is that it can also download all posts of any user with single click in a zip file.


Facebook Video Downloader

If you would like to download Facebook videos then @fbvideo_bot will be very helpful. This bot can download any public Facebook videos for you. You just have to send the Facebook video link to this bot. There will also show you the option to select video download quality. Remember you can’t download friends only privacy videos because this bot can only privacy everyone videos of Facebook.


Meme Maker from Photos

If you love to make memes then @MemeAutobot will help your meme making process lots easy. Because this bot can add texts in top and bottom of any image sent to this bot. So, you do not need to have any photo editor app to make simple memes to share with friends.


File Security Virus Malware Checker

We download lots of free software, files every day from the Internet. But we rarely have premium antivirus installed in our device. This @DrWebBot will help you to check files before you download it. You can send any files download link to this bot. Then it will check for malware & viruses in the cloud with different antiviruses. After that, it will show you the result if any problem found. If no problem found you can download the file. This bot is very much needed when we download premium apps, themes, extensions from 3rd party sites for free.


We search for images online most of the time. But the maximum time we do not find any direct download link from search engine. But this  bing official telegram inline bot will overcome this problem. During the chat, if you type @bing before any message then types anything it will start searching images online which is matching the keyword. After that, if you click on any image it will download to your phone and send it to the person whom you are chatting. It will save time.


Live Cricket Score Update

If you are a cricket fan, you must use cricket score apps to get live cricket score update. But on those apps lots off pop up ads shows, which are very irritating. To overcome this problem, @cricbuzz_bot is needed. This bot fetch live cricket score updates, commentary, fixers, points table etc from cricbuzz server and shows to you for free without any ads.


MP3 cutter & album art editor

To set your favourite song as ringtone you must have used any m3p cutter app to trim out your favourite part of the song. But if you use @mp3toolsbot then you do not need any apps. Just you have to send your favourite song mp3 file to the bot and specify the start & end point to trim the file. You can also change the album art picture, bit rate of mp3 file using this bot for free.


Weather Update Forecast

Weather forecast is our daily essential information. we have used many apps to get weather update. @fcstbot can give you latest weather update inside your telegram app for free. This bot uses open weather map API to give you weather data & give you forecast up to 3 days.

@fcstbot weather bot

Temporary Disposable Email Temp mail

You may have used any Temporary Disposable Email service to save you from spam emails. Temp mail is a very useful tool over the internet. @fakemailbot & @DropmailBot are two awesome bots that do the same thing inside the telegram app. You can request an unlimited time new email address to these two bots.

@DropmailBot @fakemailbot

Video File Caption Remover & editor

If you run any movie downloading channel in telegram then @CaptionEditorBot you must have. This bot will help you to remove another channel name from any video file attached message & put your own channel name in the caption. It will save you lots of time as you do not have to download and re-upload the file.


Scheduled Task Reminder

In our daily busy life, we forget many things to do what we have thought yesterday. @InstantRemindersBot will help you to remind tasks. You can schedule any task as a message and set time when you want to get notified. This bot will send you a message at that time to remind you of the task.


Translator & text to audio Converter

This awesome bot will help you to translate text from any language to any language. You have to set source & translated language which you want to be translated. @Universal_translatorobot will also send you pronunciation of source & translated text in audio file so that you know exact how to speak those words in those 2 languages.


RSS Feed YouTube & Twitter notification

If you are a content creator of YouTube or do blogging then this tool will make you happy. If you have any telegram channel or group for your audience then you must use this app to automate your tasks. @TheFeedReaderBot will send you automatic new post or video you update when they are published. You have to add your youtube channel id or blog RSS feed link to this bot. Then add this bot as admin of your telegram channel or group. Then all update will be automatic. This bot even can send new tweet notification if you add your twitter handle.



This official telegram bot will help you to create custom for your IoT project. Using @IFTTT huge library & API you can make your own custom bot for your Raspberry Pi & Arduino Projects.


Channel Verification Tick

This official telegram bot can help you to get blue tick verification icon right after your channel name in your telegram. But to get verified you must have any pre verified social account. You should have already verified account on YouTube, Facebook/Instagram & twitter to be verified in by @VerifyBot.


Before closing this tab, if you mention your favorite bot name in the comment box, I will be glad. Keep using telegram.

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