Is Telegram safe? 10 Reasons why you should use Telegram

After WhatsApp privacy policy change hits on user’s privacy, Telegram became very popular. But, Is Telegram safe? Here are 10 Reasons why you should use Telegram for your privacy.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging app like WhatsApp & signal. The main speciality of Telegram is it is open-source. In Telegram, you can group chat up to 200000 members, you can make like group voice chat, secret chat, etc lots of things inside Telegram app. This is available on all platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Linux & Mac OS.

Is Telegram safe

Is Telegram safe?

In today’s world of the Internet one, the big concern of any chatting app is the app is safe or not. To know Telegram is safe or not, we have to understand how it works where the money comes from it. Here I will talk about 10 Reasons why you should use Telegram for privacy & safety.

Open-source App

Telegram is an open-source app. So, any security researcher can examine how Telegram works & also can say if the app is not secure. In this way, Telegram is transparent to its users.

Non-Profit Organization

Lots of chatting apps are running by big tech companies. So their main aim is to get money. So to get the money they sell private data to advertisers. But Telegram is a non-profit organization. So it is running by donation. Telegram does not sell our private data to 3rd party companies.

Hidden Mobile number

We all know popular messaging app WhatsApp accounts are searched by mobile numbers. If you want to talk with any other person, then each other must-see their mobile numbers. Mobile numbers are also linked with the real ID cards of that person. So, you can’t hide your identity on WhatsApp. But in Telegram, we can hide our mobile number. without knowing a mobile number we can chat with help of a username. A username is a unique id that is being used to identify each user like Twitter. So you can search users by their username not by mobile numbers.

telegram hide mobile no

Secret Chat

One of the main highlight features of Telegram is secret chat. This is an end to end encryption chat. no data or chat history are saved in the cloud server. As soon as the message is delivered all the messages are deleted from the Telegram server. So if you are very concerned about privacy you should try out this feature. Is Telegram safe? The answer is yes secret chat is safe.

Telegram secret chat

Delete chat on both ends

After sending any message by mistake you want to delete it. WhatsApp allows you to delete for everyone only within 1 hour after sending a message. But in Telegram, you can delete a message anytime. Even you can delete total chat history from other users account also. If you have a question in mind “Is Telegram safe”, keep reading this article you will find answer.

telegram delete for everyone

Self Destruct Message

In Telegram, we can set a timer for auto delete a message after a certain time. For example, if anyone sends a nude photo, then he/she can delete that photo automatically after another person views it. Also, group chat & secret chat history can be deleted automatically. If couples think “Is Telegram safe”, yes you can chat with your partner safely.

Is Telegram safe? 10 Reasons why you should use Telegram

Disable Screenshot

In Telegram, you can disable screenshot or screen recording. If you enable passcode lock then you can get this feature. And if you are doing a secret chat, the other person will not able to take a screenshot or forward your message. These are a very nice feature in terms of security. So, Is Telegram safe from blackmailers? The answer is yes in some case.

telegram screen shot disable

Encrypted voice & video calls

In Telegram, all the voice & video calls are end to end encrypted. During the call, both users can see unique 4 emojis combination. A user can ask another user if there is also the same 4 emojis or not. If the same emojis are on both ends, that means calls are encrypted. Is Telegram safe for calls? The answer is Yes.

Is Telegram safe? 10 Reasons why you should use Telegram

Peer to Peer Calls

In Telegram peer to peer, calls are enabled. So using WebSocket our calls are directly connected without proxied via a central server. For this, we get low latency in calls. But it has a bad side. If anyone does packet trace, then another person can see your real IP & know your location. So it is recommended to disable peer to peer calls for unknown people. By default, Telegram enables peer to peer calls only for contacts, not for everyone.

Telegram peer to peer calls

In Telegram, if anyone forwards any message, then the main owner name of that message is shown. So anyone can click the name & reach the main originator of that message. But this is not good. So we can also disable this feature. So no one can message after clicking the name in forwarded messages. Is Telegram safe from spammers? The answer is yes if you change the settings carefully.

Telegram remove account link forwarded message

So these 10 Reasons why you should use Telegram can give us trust to believe in Telegram. From now you do not have to search “Is Telegram safe” anymore.

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